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Ender Story 2 - Preview 1

2015-05-13 18:35:06 by kyatohon

Hello all :D. I've been working on Ender Story 2, and I thought that I may as well start posting some pictures of it during development. The pictures will consist of new features/additions, weird bug, and teasers :P.


Erion... the son of god? Unfortunately he is not supposed to be walking on water; it was a bug that made the water walk-able.


New feature: You can now play as different characters in the Overworld. Here I'm playing as Krat while inspecting a locked door.


...Something's over there?


Hope you enjoy this small ES2 teaser. I plan to do this kind of thing more often, so stay tuned!



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2015-07-07 21:50:12

We are all awaiting!