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Ender Story 2 - Preview again!

2015-07-24 13:40:44 by kyatohon

Ender Story 2! We've made some good progress once again.

-More content has been added in; things like cutscenes, areas, objects (things like chests/barrels), and npcs.

-The first set of new tracks have been completed; they sound great!

-Nothing new on the programming end yet unfortunately/fortunately :P.


This is Rambia Forest, one of my favorite areas in the game due to the new tileset!

Chickens in Lania Farm & Portrait preview

Two new things here. New set and style of portraits and chickens!


Is that a familiar face I see?


Of course, no development ever happens without bugs. This NPC casually disobeys collision areas and walks where he wants.

Note: This image is a bit old - the barrel background 'bug' has been long fixed :P.


Next time I'll be showing off some of the more exotic areas, and perhaps a bit more of the cutscenes/portraits as well :D.



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2015-07-24 14:48:51



2016-08-10 22:32:12

Hey guys, was just wondering if there is an update or if the project is cancelled. Thanks!


2016-08-11 08:14:03

Oups I just noticed the update on the page of the game itself. Sorry.