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Defuse it! Defuse it!

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Fun! Feels like the original game.

I didn't encounter any programming/manual flaws and I completed hard mode.

However, my partner and I had programs understanding the manual which led to many failures, which is what I think the other reviewers are talking about. It would be more clear if you displayed to the users what they messed up on.

Also, when the player successfully defuses the bomb, it jumps to the title screen way a bit too quickly - sometimes I miss how much time I had left on the bomb.

Buddy Ball Buddy Ball

Rated 4 / 5 stars

This game is "deceptively" simple. It looks like an ordinary casual mobile game, but it's actually pretty complex and requires some quick thinking and multitasking.

Playing it for the first few rounds was a pretty fun puzzle in figuring out how to even get 1 point - it requires some creative understanding of the mechanics. However, the learning curve is way too steep for the first few points of the game. There's so much going on - randomly deactivating platforms, walls, a ball moving at a random speed, and the player only has a few seconds to even take this all in for the first time.

My main advice is to find a way to introduce all this complexity in a way that doesn't overwhelm the player - (for example, introducing one piece/mechanic at a time This will create a much better first impression of the game. Most players will just be frustrated at all the chaos happening and quit at the first point, which is not ideal!

Summary/other smaller points:
-The physics is a bit clunky - you can push the ball through platforms and even through walls
-The UI is lacking (particularly missing this: highlighting the horizontal platforms when the mouse is over them)
-The overall mobile game aesthetic was done quite well.
-The game is quite exciting and fun once you understand how to play it

AlexandreBighetti responds:

This is the first game I developed in my life and thank you so much for positive feedback kyatohon!
I like so much your tip about create a introducing one piece/mechanic at a time. I will create early in the game a tutorial, which gradually introduce the elements of the game to ensure good gameplay to the player.
I also I will check these two bugs that you reported:
1)The physics is a bit clunky - you can push the ball through platforms and even through walls;
2)The UI is lacking (particularly missing this: highlighting the horizontal platforms when the mouse is over them).
Again, thank you for your time to test the game and write these words that were very valuable to my progress as a novice developer of games.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Very creative design. And fun as well of course :{D. Well done!

Crayon Poke Crayon Poke

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Very fun and well designed. Lots of small details, very smooth animations and tight controls.

One gripe: The red ball/crayon-recharger after you obtain the Skull Crayon needs to be moved to the right more, so that the player is 100% guaranteed to go through it. At my first runthrough, I completely missed it and was stuck for awhile because I was pressing 'D' but nothing was happening.

Great work!

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Land of Enki 2 Land of Enki 2

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Very fun. The attacking mechanics were smooth and enjoyable, particularly the "down air" attack. Ijust used it at any chance I got. Although I'm curious as to why it wasn't explicitly mentioned, as I only found the move out by chance.

The boss fights were great - they came unexpectedly and had nice twists to them.

I like the dynamic within levels where a player could choose to aim for the secret, at a cost of difficulty. Secrets are nicely placed as well (the crumble in the wall is a great, since there are some times where I actually missed some). One comment is that it was annoying to try and blow up crumbled blocks that were placed horizontally or underground, since you had to gauge the range of the bomb.

I'd like if you were able to use a bomb while in air, just to provide more options and control to the player.

I like how dying from mising a jump only loses you some HP, rather than conventional games where the player would have to restart the level.

All in all, I see a lot of the mechanics are inspired from classic games, yet the game itself has its own twist and mechanics which makes it its own entity. Great job on this one :D.

TheEnkian responds:

Ah, the elusive downwards thrust? :P It's in part because it's an overpowered attack, but it was too fun to mess around with to take out, haha.

Very glad you liked it :)